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Profiles / Preset settings

ffdshow has a feature to use a different set of settings depending on conditions. We call the sets of settings preset settings. For example, you can configure ffdshow to use preset settings named 'High_res' or 'Low_res' depending on the resolution of input video. You can also prepare several preset settings and select one manually.
Image and audio filters, output settings and decoder options (except the ones in 'Codecs' page) are under preset settings. They are listed below 'Profiles / Preset settings' and indented in the left pane of the dialog. You can't select codec, OSD, Keys, remote and DirectShow settings by preset settings.

Automatic preset loading

To select preset settings automatically, make sure to check this.

Reserved preset names

Preset autoload conditions

On one of the conditions match (OR)

On all conditions match (AND)

Among many conditions listed in the dialog, check some condition(s) to evaluate. If you have more than one conditions to evaluate, make sure to choose 'OR' or 'AND' correctly.

on movie file name match with preset name

This will compare the name of the preset settings with the video file name. If the preset name has no extension, it will match with all extensions.

on volume name match

Volume label of the disk where the input video is loaded from. This is useful to select a preset settings depending on DVD volume labels. (Rev 2845 or newer should work.)

on volume serial match

On volume name match is useful for most DVDs, however, some DVDs has volume label such as 'DVD_VIDEO', which is not unique enough. In such cases, use this. To get volume serial, launch cmd.exe, change to the drive (type 'D:' for example) and type 'vol'.

on a DirectShow filter presence


If ffdshow does not automatically load the preset it is supposed to, then check the following options: