Is ffdshow multithreaded?

The following list gives an overview of parts in ffdshow that are multithreaded and thus show an improvement when run on a multi-core CPU:

  • libavcodec's MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and H.264 decoders are multithreaded. The number of cores is automatically detected during ffdshow setup but can be configured under “Decoder options” → “Number of decoding threads”. This setting has no effect on Pentium 4 HT CPUs.
  • Yadif deinterlacer is multithreaded. No configuration is needed.
  • The resize filter is fully multithreaded. No configuration is needed.
  • High quality RGB conversion is multithreaded. No configuration is needed.
  • With “Queue & misc” → “Queue output samples” activated, acceleration using multithreading is enabled. You may even see some benefit on a single-core CPU.
  • Rendering of subtitles' glyph is processed by a background thread.
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