libavcodec is part of FFmpeg, which is the main decoding library of ffdshow.
Note: Former option ffmpeg-mt has been removed because it has been integrated into libavcodec.

Skip deblocking when safe

With this option enabled, ffdshow will skip the H.264 deblocking filter and try to boost the performance. Deblocking is skipped only if the frame is not referenced by other frames. Skipping the deblocking filter can decrease the video quality though.

Skip deblocking always

Deblocking is always skipped. Faster but with worse visual quality than “skip deblocking when safe”.

Intel QuickSync Decoder

The Intel QuickSync Decoder is a free open source decoder that utilizes HW acceleration found in Intel's GPUs. Project home is here.

Main features
  • Very fast decoder with very low CPU utilization. At least 2x faster than libavcodec on supported formats.
  • Saves battery life for notebooks/mobile and lowers CPU utilization for all platforms.
  • Decodes H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2. Supported profiles/levels may vary between GPU versions. Currently only 4:2:0 8-bit profiles are supported (most widely used profiles).
  • Impersonates a SW decoder. Copies output frames to system memory. SW players or the host DirectShow filter (ffdshow) are not aware that HW acceleration is used. Users can keep their favorite playback setups.
  • Multi-GPU or hybrid-GPU support (Intel HW decoder + discrete renderer).
  • Fixes bad time stamps within - smoother playback.
  • Automatic inverse telecine when possible.
  • Decodes variable frame rate video.
  • Open source and free for all (BSD license).
System requirements
  • A 2nd generation Core processor (codename “Sandy Bridge”) or newer. Older platforms may work but are not officially supported. Older platforms will see a lower benefit from this decoder due to lower performing HW.
  • Processor graphics (iGPU) must be enabled (BIOS, device manager) and the latest driver is installed.
  • Windows 7 or newer. Will work on Vista, but not officially supported.

:?: Can ffdshow output other color spaces than NV12?
HW Decoder only outputs NV12, but ffdshow converts the output to what was agreed with the downstream filter. For optimal performance, enable NV12 output.

:?: Can ffdshow resize?
Yes. ffdshow can perform all of it's post processing as long as they work well with NV12 input. No known issues/problems.

:?: Which profiles are supported?
H.264 up to and including high profile. MPEG-2 - all except the 4:2:2 profile. VC-1 - advanced profile in HW, MP&SP in SW. Future HW will support more video formats.

:?: Can the decoder output 10/12 bit?
No. Only 8-bit 4:2:0 output is currently supported. This may change in the future.

:?: Is Windows Media Center supported?
WMC has a unique video playback architecture. Some use cases are enabled. This is a work in progress. A single GPU setup works fine.


:?: The image is corrupted during playback in many clips. libavcodec works fine.
99% bad driver install. Need to reinstall the driver.

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