Process frames flagged as progressive

  • Unchecked (default): Deinterlace only frames flagged interlaced. Please note that these flags are not reliable in VFW and application plugins.
  • Checked: All frames will be deinterlaced.


Yet Another DeInterlacing Filter

This is a port of Yet Another De-Interlacing Filter (yadif) written by Michael Niedermayer from MPlayer. ffdshow contains additionally custom SSE2/SSSE3 and multithreading optimizations.
If you use this filter to watch DVDs, please make sure to use ffdshow's MPEG-2 decoder. Otherwise, menu won't work.
Some users believe this is the best deinterlacer in ffdshow.
You can find more information at the Avidemux wiki.

Skip spatial check

This mode skips certain calculations. It is faster with lower visual quality.

Double framerate

This mode creates one progressive image from one field, thus frame rate is doubled. The motion is much more smooth and it is perceptible to everyone. Strongly recommended if you have a good CPU.

Kernel deinterlacer

Originally written by Donald Graft (aka neuron2) and Kurt 'Leak' PrĂ¼nner evolved it. It is well documented here. Kernel deinterlacer creates one progressive image from two fields.

Kernel bob

Kernel bob creates one progressive image from one field, thus frame rate is doubled.


TomsMoComp is written by Tom Barry (aka trbarry). It is a filter that uses motion compensation and adaptive processing to deinterlace video source. It is well documented here.


If DScaler 4 is installed and DScaler path (in Tray, dialog & paths page) is configured correctly, DScaler deinterlacers appear here. For more information about these deinterlacers, open \Program Files\DScaler\DScaler.chm.

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