Output video configuration

The output page gives you control over the output formats supported by ffdshow. The top half gives you control over the allowed output colorspaces, while the lower half is used for advanced stream settings.

Primary output color space

The selected color space is used whenever possible. Otherwise one of the enabled color spaces from below is used. Warning: forcing a preferred color space can cause extra conversions and performance loss.

Supported colorspaces

This page allows you to set the default output colorspace and format used by ffdshow. There are two general colorspaces that can be used, and a number of formats within each colorspace.
Hint: It is possible to select more than one output format. ffdshow will try to use the output format that is closest to the input format (usually YV12).

YUV Colorspace

The default output colorspace. As the YUV colorspace (and YV12 in particular) is the colorspace of choice for video compression, setting ffdshow to output YV12 saves it from having to do any colorspace conversion on the decoded image, which speeds up decoding. There is a number of different YUV output formats supported by ffdshow:

  • YV12: Almost always the fastest output mode (video codecs usually use YV12 for storage). The recommended output format for most system setups.
  • YUY2: Used by MJPEG and some MPEG2 video streams, and has more color definition than YV12. Slightly slower to output than YV12, but generally not by much. If your input video is YUY2, or your video card doesn't support YV12, this is the recommended output.
  • NV12: This output colorspace is used for DXVA acceleration and is required for hardware deinterlacing.

RGB Colorspace

RGB output is slower, but possibly more accurate than YUV output. Videos not using ITU-R BT.601 and studio range (16-235) can be displayed correctly by using RGB conversion options. Subtitles are rendered in better quality if RGB is used. To use RGB colorspace, uncheck all YUV colorspaces or select RGB32 in “Primary output color space” combobox.

Stream settings

Set interlaced flag in output media type

  • Sends interlacing related information obtained from the input stream or ffdshow's internal decoders to the next filter.
  • Some filters (like video renderers) will use this information to deinterlace the video if necessary.
  • This is just for informing the downstream filters - the actual result will depend purely on the implementation of these filters.
  • DVDs may be flagged as interlaced, but in most cases they were originally film (progressive) and just soft telecined. For such video, it is recommended to disable this setting.

Flip video vertically

Useful for broken or old streams.

This page is based on the MeGUI wiki.

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