Hint: To improve the rendering quality of subtitles (except VobSub), it is recommended to use RGB32 as output colorspace.

Enabled formats

Shows a list of all supported subtitle formats that are currently enabled resp. disabled.

Closed captions

DVD subtitles are usually bitmaps which have poor quality. Some DVDs have text subtitles embedded in their MPEG-2 streams more than just bitmap subtitles. They are called closed captions. Since they are text subtitles, you can control font, size, color and so on. They are usually English. Please make sure to decode MPEG-2 in ffdshow to use this feature. To disable bitmap subtitles, use the DVD menu.

Subtitle sources

Embedded subtitles

If enabled, ffdshow accepts embedded subtitles even if “Subtitles” is unchecked so that users can toggle subtitles during playback. If you want other DirectShow filters to handle embedded subtitles, disable this setting.

Give embedded priority over subtitle files

This setting tells ffdshow to ignore any matching external subtitle file and use the embedded one instead.

Subtitle files

Search in

ffdshow will try to find an external subtitle file automatically. Subtitle files usually have the same names (and different extensions) as video files. Specify a directory to search subtitles in. One period (the default) is used to specify the same directory of the video.

Heuristic search
  • Enabled: In the given directory, among subtitle files that have extensions ffdshow supports, the closest match by a certain algorithm will be used. Extensions priority is ignored.
  • Disabled: In the given directory, among subtitle files that have the same name as the video file, a subtitle file that has the extension with the highest priority will be used.
Extensions priority

With heuristic search disabled, you can specify priority of extensions.


You can explicitly specify external subtitles file here.

Watch for file changes

If checked, changes to the subtitles file are detected on the fly.

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